This Donkey Is Walking Across The Lawn. But Wait Until You See Who He’s Giving A Ride To…

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It’s always cute to see animals of different species getting along and bonding. Usually it’s common pets like cats and dogs, but every so often you’ll see a unique friendship that is sure to tug at your heart strings. We all know that farms usually have a variety of different animals. This farm has dogs, cats, donkeys and horses. All of the animals seem to get along, but the barn cats there are living the life! They get their personal chauffeurs to bring them to and from the barn. No, it isn’t what you think; it’s the donkeys! In the video below, you can see two of the cats hitching a ride to the barn on their donkey friend’s back. The donkey doesn’t seem to mind it, and the cats look so relaxed. The dogs follow the donkey’s lead, and probably wish that they were small enough to fit on the donkey’s back too! How cute is this?!

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