They Rushed To Save Kitten Stranded In Rising Water During Monsoon, Then Realized He Wasn’t Alone

A tiny kitten was stranded in rising flood waters during a bad monsoon. He was in a well that had filled up with water from the heavy monsoon rain. His mom hid him there to try and keep him safe, but he was extremely terrified. People then heard his cries and thankfully came to the rescue. A brave man stepped inside the tank, in deep water and all, and gently pulled the kitten to safety. He placed him on the grass, but then they heard more meows.

They couldn’t find any other kittens, but the meows led them to believe that this poor kitty was not alone. That’s when they kept searching and finally spotted another kitten who was soaked and scared.

If it weren’t for the rescuers, these little kittens would most likely have drowned. They were standing in deep water, and with the heavy rains, the water would have risen even more.

Once the kittens were brought to safety, rescuers dried them off and made sure they were okay. They were eventually reunited with their mom, who was probably so relieved to find them and have them back with her, happy and safe.

Watch the daring rescue and adorable reunion in the video below:

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