Cats Are Such A Big ‘Help’! Did You Know They Actually Have A Positive Effect On Your Health?

Sometimes we all just need a little help… and anyone who has ever had a cat knows that a cat LOVES to “help”. Whether it’s helping you make the bed, helping you do your work, helping you go to the bathroom or helping you fold your clothes; they will always be there to assist! That’s why having a cat is great, you always have an adorable little ‘helper’ at your side and ready! It also makes hilarious videos for everyone else to watch.

But, did you know that research now shows that watching cat videos can actually cause a variety of positive effects on you?

Assistant Professor Jessica Gall Myrick of Indiana University conducted a study of almost 7,000 people about their cat viewing of cat videos and how it affects their moods. Internet data shows that there were more than 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube in 2014 with almost 26 billion views! That’s more videos than any other category on YouTube.

Myrick wanted to know if viewing cat videos online had the same positive impact as therapy or if it could have a negative impact because it took up time that could be spent doing something else. The study found that people who watch cat videos are actually more energetic and positive, that the positive emotions outweighed the guilt and many other positive things!

Now, watch the video below and BE HEALTHY! πŸ˜€

“Let me help you with that!” #cats LOL

Posted by FamilyPet on Thursday, June 18, 2015

View The Full Study HERE.

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