Outdoor Cats Explore The Inside Of A House For The First Time

Cats can provide us with hours of entertainment. To showcase that, one YouTube channel is dedicated to showing the everyday life of 11 cats. The channel, called Walter Santi, is run by a man who enjoys posting all kinds of videos that feature his dog plus his 2 indoor and 9 outdoor cats.

The founding of the YouTube channel came about after he’d decided to create a whole kitty playground area for his outdoor cats. He figured it was a great way for them to be able to relax and hang out whenever they please. The channel began with one video of them taking their first steps into the cat area, and then it just went on from there.

The cat’s owner and the one who runs the Walter Santi channel care for the 9 stray cats. They’re named, D’Artagnan, The Rolling Cat, The Purring Cat, D’Artagnan’s girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Junior, The Mom Cat, and The Big Head. They had all been living in the man’s backyard for a couple of years – at least until they were taken in and given a nice little place to chill.

The cat’s indoor space is a well-planned and sweetly arranged area that has cat houses and a cat tower. They all have their individual food bowls.

Perhaps the cutest detail is that there are photos hung up on the wall – screenshots from different moments in some of the channel’s videos.

The cats, themselves, seem to really enjoy their new living space. They were a little cautious at first as they stepped foot inside, but then it became quite clear to them that they had somewhere to call home. How sweet.

Watch the video below:

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