Cat Goes Viral For Dressing Up As Characters From Schitt’s Creek

Cats don’t typically like to be put into costumes. I tried one Halloween and it was a disaster. And it’s too bad too, as cats look absolutely adorable when they’re all dressed up. The exception to this rule is Arya, an adorable cat who actually loves to dress up.

According to Annie Brewster, Arya’s owner, shared with POPSUGAR that her feline is the 1% of cats who actually enjoy the art of dress-up. And Brewster takes advantage of this by making sure that Arya dons some of the cutest costumes out there – like the collection of “Schitt’s Creek” looks that she’s been sporting on her social media.

These replicas may be small enough to fit a feline, but they definitely do not skimp on the details. They are pretty accurate-looking when it comes to the black and white looks seen on the show. And it seems like Arya was feeling her looks as well.

Annie will often dress Arya in replicated costumes that are based off TV shows and movies, and one of the shows that Annie really likes happens to be “Schitt’s Creek,” and so the inspiration for the looks was born.

According to POPSUGAR, Annie stated that the little cat doesn’t just model the different looks made for her, she also likes to get in on the creation as well. As Annie has stated, “from the construction to the setting up, Arya is all up in my biz.” Typical cat behavior. The proud cat mom has joked that Arya must’ve previously been a model who got turned into a cat by a witch because she enjoys modeling her homemade outfits that much. That is too cute.

Her pictures were posted to Arya’s Instagram, where they got quite a bit of attention. And we can see why – they’re incredible. Check out a few of the creations in the gallery below:

While these costumes are well-executed, they’re not the only amazing costumes that Arya has worn. For more great costume outtakes, check out Arya’s Instagram page.

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