Persian Cats Dress Up As Postal Workers For Halloween

When I was a kid I tried to dress my cats up in Halloween costumes. They were not happy about it at all. The Halloween costumes that I tried to stick them into weren’t even that elaborate – it was just little tartan vests. They quite literally fought me tooth and nail to not wear their costumes. Of course, there are some cats that actually don’t mind dressing up for Halloween.

And a pair of Persian cats in England have gone all out with their Halloween costumes. The two cute kitties, Eric and Ollie, wore matching costumes with one of them dressed up as a USPS delivery worker and the other as a UPS delivery worker.

The costumes each came looking like they were holding a package ready for delivery. The two cats might have looked upset by the costumes, but they actually didn’t mind them according to their owner.

In the video, the two cats have very grumpy faces, which just adds to the preciousness of the entire video. As the owner wrote in their social media post, “All dressed up for Halloween. Please note – we ordered a size too big for them so they would be comfortable. We only recorded for 1 minute, they had treats the whole time and didn’t even notice the outfits!”

Check out Eric and Ollie below:

What do you think of these cats’ costumes? Do you ever try to dress up your cats in costumes for Halloween? Let us know!

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