15 Cats That Are Overly Excited For The Holidays

October means Halloween, and once that spooky holiday passes, it’s all about Christmas. Thanksgiving is but a blip on the holiday radar these days since the major focus is always Christmas time. And with Christmas comes all the fun holiday decorations that come with it, especially Christmas trees.

Everyone puts up a tree in their home for the holiday season. But if you happen to have a cat or two who live in your house, then you know that your Christmas tree and all its decorations may not always be safe. Cats are mischievous animals. They will get into trouble year-round, but there is something about Christmas that makes them extra naughty, particularly when the tree goes up.

And below are 15 images of cats who have definitely made Santa’s naughty list with their tree-climbing antics:

1. I am the star.

You can almost hear this cat saying “worship me” as he sits atop the Christmas tree. He didn’t even let them put up the lights or decorations first.

Photo: Imgur

2. Oops

This cat didn’t even wait for it to be up five minutes. That is typical cat behavior.

3. Peek-a-Boo!

This cat clearly has found himself a fun little hideaway for the holiday season.

4. Let Me at the Tree!

This is not a happy kitty. He wanted to destroy the tree and he got interrupted. Better luck next year!

5. My Tree

Look at those claws. They’re ready to defend his new hideout to the death!

6. Christmas Tree Cuddles

On close inspection, it’s probably not as innocent as it appears.

Photo: Reddit


The over-enthusiasm for mischief is written all over this cat’s face.

Photo: Reddit

8. I’m Helping!

He’s helping to drive his owners demented no doubt.

Photo: Reddit

9. Cool Cat

Look at this guy, just casually exiting the Christmas tree after doing his damage. Bold kitty.

10. Caught

This is the face of getting caught in the act of destruction.

11. Maybe They Won’t See Me

Nice hideout, but we can still see you, buddy!

Photo: Imgur

12. You Can’t Find Me

He is trying his best to stay hidden.

13. Christmas Tree Glow

Just look at the reflection of the Christmas tree lights in this crazy kitty’s eyes. It won’t survive till morning.

Photo: Reddit

14. Just a Nibble

This guy isn’t even waiting for the decorations to go up on the tree.

Photo: Reddit

15. The Paw is for Destroying Christmas Ornaments

This picture would almost make a cute season’s greeting card were it not for the fact that the cat is so going to break something.

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