Cats are champion sleepers, but what two animals sleep more hours each day?

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Cats are certainly ranked high among the sleepiest animals in the world. The average feline devotes between13 to 16 hours a day on his beauty rest. Interestingly, the mice and rats who are the legendary prey of house cats, sleep roughly the same amount of time.

Giant armadillos generally get the nod as the world’s second greatest sleepers. These solitary animals are happiest when they’ve crawled deep inside their burrows for a long nap. They usually stay there snoring 18 to 19 hours a day. Scientists actually don’t know why these creatures are so sleepy, but they are truly nocturnal, whereas cats are crepuscular: most active at dawn and dusk.

However, the award for sleepiest animal on earth goes to a creature who is also in the running for cutest, the arboreal koala. Indigenous to Australia only, and living high in eucalyptus trees, the koala sleeps 22 hours a day. When he is awake, he’s eating — leisurely.

Certainly a good night’s sleep is beneficial for health and well being and is a powerful protection against stress. That being said, cats, giant armadillos, and koala would appear to have stress reduction nailed.

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