Video Of Cats Playing With Dominoes Is The Purfect Distraction While Self-Isolating

Currently, we’re facing a global pandemic that has left many of us hunkered down in our homes, desperately trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves. And if any of you are searching for inspiration, look no further than this video.

If you’re a cat owner, then this may just be the entertainment activity for you to try to replicate. Even if you’re not a cat owner, it’s still pretty soothing and entertaining to watch.

Twitter user @ziyatong posted a video this week which went viral. And after watching it, we can completely see why it would be popular to watch. The video has two adorable cats in it, and they’re both playing with a Rube-Goldbergian domino set.

The set up was quite elaborate, and all the twists and turns all lead to one triumphant moment for the cats: dinner time. But the most delightful part of the video was watching the perplexed cats trying to figure out what’s going on.

The video was originally on the YouTube account, Cat Navi Desk. But now it’s all across social media. And it’s quite fun to watch.

See for yourself below:

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