This Cat Has Some Serious Dog-Rescuing Abilities! I Was Amazed At 0:41!

We all know how amazing and lovable dogs are; after all, they’re dubbed as man’s best friend! But let us not forget about our adorable and funny cats! They even make great Grumpy Cat memes! Although we talk about how adorable and funny cats can be, we often forget, just like our beloved dogs, how much of a hero they can be.

Cats aren’t really known for liking dogs, but this one apparently has a special place in its heart for puppies—and puzzles. It takes a minute, but this feline figures out the trick and has its canine companion safely rescued from a tricky situation in a jiffy!

In this video below, you will witness one small cat rescuing a dog that is trapped behind a door. No matter how small this cat may be, it has a big heart and jumps into action when it sees a fellow member of the animal kingdom in need.

This just goes to show you that everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile, no matter how big or small you are, and no matter what kind of creature you are. Similarly, you can lend a helping hand (or paw) regardless of your size and species.

Watch as this heroic cat saves this trapped pup.

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