Catnip Tea? What?!

Catnip Tea? Is it Safe?

Catnip tea has been used by humans for centuries. When used by people it can provide symptom relief for insomnia, migraines, and anxiety. Additionally, it can be used to combat upper respiratory infections, and flu. Catnip can also aid in calming indigestion and other gastrointestinal ailments.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria; also known as catswort or catmint) is a member of the mint family, and is fine to consume in moderation by humans, although the consumption of catnip by humans has not been studied scientifically.

When moderately consumed, catnip is safe to sip in tea form, however if you drink several cups of catnip tea in succession it may cause headaches and vomiting. Extreme caution should be exercised when administering catnip to children and the herb should never be used during pregnancy as it carries with it the risk of miscarriage. Additionally, catnip should be avoided during nursing.

Any woman who regularly experiences heavy menstruation cycle should avoid catnip because it is known to stimulate delayed menstrual periods and may make for a significant increase in period flow. People anticipating a surgical procedure should suspend the use of catnip one to two weeks prior to surgery because catnip slows down the central nervous system and may cause complications. As such, catnip should not be used in conjunctions with any sedative medications either as it may post an interaction with these types of medications.

There is no recommended dose when using catnip, and tolerated limits will vary by a person’s age, weight, and overall health. Excessive urination is generally taken as a sign that safe levels have been exceeded.

Although catnip is generally safe as a calming tea, discontinue the use of catnip immediately if any adverse of uncomfortable symptoms begin or persist during use. As with any dietary supplement, it is best practice to consult with your doctor before adding catnip tea to your diet.

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