Black Cat Goes Viral For His White Expressive Eyebrows

Gone is the 90s trend of pencil-thin eyebrows. Nowadays we love our full and expressive brows. One black Bombay cat from Nashville, Tennessee is generating some serious brow envy with his unique “eyebrows.”

The feline, Cornelius Cornbread, is already becoming a major social media star. And according to The Daily Mail, it is the cat’s “eyebrows” that have him gaining lots of notoriety because of the expressive face they give him.

Cornelius’s owner, a retired teacher named Karen Mellette, created his account in 2018 and has been posting pictures of him ever since. Mellette revealed that his “eyebrows” are a result of his black fur being much thinner around the area just above his eyes. This causes his white skin to peek through, giving the cat the illusion that he’s got some on fleek eyebrows.

She explained, “The combination of the sparse black ‘brow’ hair and the unique rounded shape of the white skin showing through make him appear to have well-groomed eyebrows.”

His rising popularity has caused Cornelius to gain more than 7,700 followers on his Instagram. His page is dedicated to him living the good life alongside his other pet siblings who are occasionally featured on his page. Mellette has stated that her cat has quite the personality and is a very smart and curious cat, as well as possessing quite a cheeky attitude. She’s stated that Cornelius is the “center of attention.”

Mellette shared with Bored Panda, “If we pay attention to another cat, he is on the scene immediately demanding attention. He also picks up on emotions. If we are worried — he gets worried. If one of the other cats hacks up a furball, he will go check on them and sit with them.”

For the past holiday weekend, Mellette posted a picture of Cornelius dressed up in his festive Fourth of July finery which included a blue, sparkly bow tie and his trademark brows.

Check out a few more pictures of this adorable feline below:

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