Tiny Cat Has A Mark On His Face That Resembles Another Tiny Cat

Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They definitely all have beautiful color patterns, but some cats happen to have certain markings that make them that bit more of a standout.

One example of a standout marking is spotted on a kitty by a Twitter user and made famous for their interesting little “mustache.”

Kitty has kitty on her nose  ^..^

Twitter user, TOKAITRICK_bot, noticed the kitten’s facial markings were in the appearance of another cat – the mustache looked just like a black cat laying on its side.

The very distinct marking shows what looks like a cat head, complete with the pointed ears and the curvy body of a sleeping cat.

The more you look at it the more it really looks like a sleeping cat. It as if the cat has his own personal tattoo of himself.

No doubt that he’s probably gotten a lot of attention based on his unique markings.
After all, what is better than one cat? Two cats!

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