This Cat Who Was Born Without Hind Legs Can Now Walk, Thanks To This Amazing Veterinarian!

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When Cindy Jones, of Iowa, first laid eyes on Vincent the kitten, she knew she HAD to have him. But Vincent wasn’t your average kitten. He was born without most of his hind legs, leaving him unable to walk. Jones knew she had to get Vincent help. Dr. Mary Bergh tried physical therapy with him, but eventually decided that prosthetic legs would be the best option. Her and her team, along with veterinary orthopedics company BioMetrix, used 3D technology to build Vincent titanium-alloy legs which were implanted into his femur bones.

Three years and two surgeries later, Vincent can walk and his bones and implants are looking great! His prosthetic legs are in the process of being lengthened, and will be lengthened three more times since the video was filmed until they are the same length as his front legs. Vincent and his bones need time to adjust to the length and weight of the prostheses. Making them too long too soon would be too much stress on the bones and would make it more difficult for him to learn how to walk. Eventually the doctors believe that Vincent will be able to jump and do normal cat things very soon!

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