Unique Cat Goes Viral After A Rare Condition Makes Her Look Like A Bat

Lucy is a cute little cat that now has a massive social media following. It happened after a rare condition caused her to look like a bat.

Zilla Bergamini has a friend who is a cat breeder and saw a video of Lucy posted by the friend. It wasn’t long before she was in love with the Sphynx cat with a unique look.

During an interview with Meow AF, Zila said that it was “love at first sight”. Unfortunately, she was told that the cat was not for sale because she was sick.

According to Zilla’s friend, a veterinarian had diagnosed her with hydrocephalus. That condition causes a build-up of fluid in the brain.

There may be some veterinarians who would do an operation but most felt it wasn’t worth the trouble. Zilla decided that the special kitten had special needs, so she wanted to meet her face to face.


Zilla did all of the research she could on hydrocephalus and the possible outcomes for Lucy. She also looked at a veterinarian neurological center and started a fund to help cover medication and surgery.


Lucy was two months old when she arrived at her home in Haifa, Israel in 2019. Although Zilla was thrilled to have a new addition to the family, she was also nervous because Lucy’s “future was uncertain”.


Zilla worried a lot when Lucy first came into the home because the kitten was crying constantly. She also realized that her new feline friend had not emptied her bowels since she brought her home.

Lucy was taken back to the veterinarian that had already treated her. It seemed as if Lucy would need eyedrops and would have to take them for the rest of her life. There was no medical explanation as to why she didn’t have a bowel movement and the vet suggested the cat was probably “hiding it.”


Undeterred, Zilla took Lucy to another vet, but after being treated, she didn’t stop having bowel movements. Zilla said that she “practically leaked poop 24/7 for more than two weeks straight.” She had to wear a tiny diaper to bed every night and was held most of the time she was awake.

Although there were some unpleasant moments, the two of them formed a close bond and the kitten never lost her joy. She even began to respond to her name.

After getting the pooping problem under control, Zilla was taken to a specialist. It was found that the hydrocephalus was causing her skull to grow in an unusual manner so her eyelids were irritating her corneas. After they worked on her eyes, she no longer required eyedrops.

Lucy is now loving life, despite having a difficult condition. She loves to watch the birds and the sea from the windows of her home.


She also likes going out for a walk in her stroller.

Many people who have cats with hydrocephalus have them euthanized because they think that expensive brain surgery may be necessary. Lucy proves that is not true, and Zilla says, “Every little thing could be a big problem for her because she is more delicate than a ‘normal’ cat, but it isn’t always a death sentence.”


Lucy is also an Internet sensation on social media. She has over 24,000 followers on Instagram. After all, she looks like an adorable little bat!

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