Cat Has Issues Breathing After Being Rescued From A Burning Oven

A cat named Smokey showed up at the Jackson County Animal Shelter with blood-pink paws, labored breathing and parts of both ears missing. According to the shelter director, Lydia Sattler, the 11-month-old cat had been rescued from a burning oven.

Since being rescued, Smokey is now renamed as Suri, which is an abbreviated form of ‘survivor’. She was through a lot of trauma but is still friendly and gentle according to Sattler.

“It speaks to the resilience of animals that go through trauma,” she said. “She still purrs as people hold her.”

Suri went to a veterinary hospital to have her injuries treated. Sattler remains optimistic she will fully recover from her respiratory damage.

!!UPDATE!!We have changed her name to Suri, an abbreviation of, and for being a survivor. Friends, we have another…

Posted by Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

“We are hopeful she will not only survive but thrive, though she’s on a long road to recovery,” a statement on the shelter’s Facebook page reads.

There is still a need for donations to help with the medical costs. Those donations can be made on the shelter website, in person, by mail or by calling 517-788-4464. If you are writing a check, make it out to the Jackson County Animal Shelter with the note “For Suri.”

The circumstances leading to the injuries of Suri are being investigated by the shelters Animal Control Department.

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