Man Makes An Entire Calendar Of His Cat Drooling Over Food

Dogs tend to get a bad rap when it comes to being the Chowhound, but anybody that owns a cat knows that they will come running when you have some food in front of you as well. Perhaps we are even looking for a way to eat a peaceful meal but the feline will never allow us to do so.

One person who is all too familiar with this phenomenon is Tom Cunningham, from England. Smokey, his girlfriend’s eight-year-old cat, is never very far away when he is eating a meal. He loves eating food with this cat and he loves it so much that he has created a calendar from some of the pictures he has taken.

“She adores our cat, the cat adores food, so I figured it would be a nice little keepsake,” Tom told POPSUGAR. “I taught him how to sit at the dinner table, which she noticed when I was not around, so I had to deny all knowledge. He is very friendly once he gets to know you. He loves to play hide and seek and has a very broad appetite!”

Here are some of those pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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