Cat Sisters Cling To Each Other In Fear After Their Owner Dumped Them At The Shelter

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Two cats were abandoned at Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare, a shelter in Amarillo, Texas. It’s unknown why their owner decided to dump them there, but it’s safe to say that these two kitties were extremely confused.

To go from a house to a shelter can be a very intimidating and stressful transition for animals, especially when they are left behind by the only family they’d ever known.

Facebook/Yellow City Shelter Cats

Facebook/Yellow City Shelter Cats

These two cats were nervous and tried to find comfort by clinging to one another and hiding behind each other. They didn’t have their family anymore, but at least they still had each other.

Their cowering and constant meowing made it very obvious that they were frazzled and upset. They sat their waiting for their owner, who sadly would never come back.

Facebook/Yellow City Shelter Cats

Facebook/Yellow City Shelter Cats

Luckily, these two sweet girls are now out of the shelter and in a foster home thanks to DAWGS. Hopefully now they will feel safer and less scared. Now they are just waiting for their forever home, and of course they must stay together since they’re a bonded pair!

If you’re interested in adopting these two sisters, click here to contact DAWGS.

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