The Video of a Cat Licking Water from The Shower Will Definitely Make You Laugh Today

Cats are dominating the internet! Every social media platform has cat content — in any form of social media post. It’s incredible how these cats can quickly trend or gain a massive number of views, shares, and likes in just a matter of hours. The contents range from cute to heartwarming. As you scroll through posts, you’ll wish that you had your own cat or attempt to create your own social media cat profile.

The official Instagram account posted a video of a cat licking water coming out of the shower. Once the video was shared with the public, Instagram users flooded the post with comments and likes. Netizens adored the cat named Daon Oh, and the original post was from the cat’s account. Daon is a cat from South Korea — the owner posts day-to-day updates of the cat and her feline sibling.

Instagram curated the video and wrote the caption, “Some good clean fun for #WeeklyFluff Meet Daon Oh (@cat_daon__), a cute and resourceful rescue who loves multitasking when he showers. Reel by @cat_daon__”

It was just a short clip, but the cat has already won the hearts of over two million Instagram users. Comments were from all over the world — most commenters tagged their friends to share the hilarious video. What makes it funnier is the background music inserted in the video — it’s as if the sound was coming from Daon.

See the video below and share laughter with your friends by tagging them. Someone might be having a tough day, and a short cat clip might change the mood.

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