This Cat Got Separated From His Family…When They’re Reunited? Tears!

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This family became refugees when they fled Iraq for the safety of Europe and unfortunately got separated from their beloved cat, Kunkush, along the way while traveling through Greece. Days later, he was spotted in a nearby village, but his family was already gone and no one knew where they were headed.

Someone brought the cat to a vet and nicknamed him Dias, which means Zeus in Greek. Two months later, a volunteer brought him to Berlin where she fostered him. She had hoped to one day reunite him with his family and never lost faith. She began an international online search to find them and was successful! They coordinated the reunion, which you can watch in the video below. It will bring you to tears! Now, the family and Kunkush can start their new lives in Norway. I’m so happy they have their kitty back. Our pets are apart of our family!!

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