Cat Alerts Saves His Owner’s Lives By Alerting Them To A Burning Slow Cooker

When we think of heroic animal stories, most of us probably immediately think dogs. And there are plenty of heroic dog stories out there to make us think that, however, cats can also be heroic animals. While cats may not always be as extroverted as dogs, they still care for us deeply and would do their part to keep us safe. And one little black kitty in Canada proved that stereotypes have no weight after saving his entire family from a potential house fire.

Joey, the heroic feline, was adopted by Scott White and fiancée Ashika Iqbal. The little black cat resides with his family in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador up in Canada. The couple had adopted him from a rescue in Toronto about two and a half years prior. The rescue had managed to pluck Joey from an animal shelter in Quebec where he was on the schedule for euthanasia.

But, with a new life and a loving home, things were finally looking up for the black cat. And, on the night of the incident, Joey was able to repay his family for adopting him and giving him a new chance in life.

The night of the incident was just like any other April night. White and Iqbal were winding down for the evening. Like many other households, the couple threw something into their slow cooker in order to let it cook overnight. Once done, the couple went to bed.

But hours later, White was awoken by Joey. The cat, who never interrupted his family’s sleep, was standing on his chest, frantically pacing around the room, and purring to get White’s attention.

As White shared with the Toronto Sun, “It was about 4:30 in the morning and for Joey to be trying to wake us up is unusual.”

A quick investigation later, White knew something wasn’t right. Their kitchen was filled with smoke, and he could smell burning from the bedroom.

White said to CBC News, “We went to bed around midnight and it was fine. And then it wasn’t fine when Joey found it.”

Fortunately, Joey had woken up White in time for him to be able to shut off the slow cooker and clear out the smoke from the kitchen before there was any major damage done.

Joey was hailed a hero because he had managed to save them from a potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation. In fact, the couple had recently adopted a 10-month-old puppy named Weston, who they figured would be the family’s guard dog as he always barked whenever someone approached the house. Weston, however, never once woke up through the entire incident. Bad dog.

In fact, Joey looked like he was giving Weston a stern talking-to in a video on his Instagram page.

The caption read, “Um excuse me puppy brother, do I have to do all the heavy lifting around here???”

Joey is enjoying his newfound celebrity on Instagram, where he recently posted about him saving the day, saying, “My name is Joey and I’m the Hero that saved my family from a smoking crockpot.”

We can only imagine that right now, the cat is the favorite in the household. Hopefully, this will remind people that cats are just as capable of saving their families as dogs are.

Additionally, if you have concerns about leaving your Crock-Pot on overnight or when you’re out of the house, Good Housekeeping has the safety tips:

– Always check the cord before using the Crock-Pot.
– Keep the appliance on a level surface.
– Reconsider using either a secondhand or older model.
– Be sure you always have working smoke alarms.

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