Fisherman ‘Catch’ A Kitten At Sea That Was Struggling To Stay Afloat

A ginger cat was swept out to sea by the tide, but that feline is now back on shore. A charter boat managed to see the cat out in the water swimming and brought him on board.

Although it wasn’t exactly a “catfish,” it was something that most people will never catch in their lifetime while out fishing.

The ginger tomcat was caught by the crew of the charter fishing boat and there wasn’t much time to spare. It seems as if he was almost out of steam.

The captain and owner of Still Flyin Charters said, “He was struggling to stay up. We caught him, brought him in the boat and let him recover.”

That charter, which operates out of Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, Alabama, is considering this to be the catch of the day and they are sure they will remember it for many years.

The captain’s crew posted the encounter and the catch that day on their Facebook account.

They say that the “poor little guy was sucked out by the tide” and they were happy they happened on him while out on a fishing trip. The little furball managed to meow so they could locate him, and then he was scooped up in a net.

Once the cat was on board, he had the opportunity to dry off and they wrapped him in a towel until they were back at the dock again.

They also managed to find the feline a forever home, so all’s well that ends well.

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