This Cat Was Moments Away From Being Euthanized. Meanwhile, All She Wanted Was THIS.

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This cat, named Florence, was moments away from being euthanized but was thankfully saved and brought to Vet Ranch. She was suffering with scabies, an itchy, contagious skin condition caused by a tiny, burrowing mite. She also had a pretty bad respiratory infection and had trouble breathing. But Dr. Karri knew exactly what to do to help!

First she gave Flo a bath and then started her on medications, which will help her nasal congestion and also will kill the mites. Even through the suffering, Flo was so friendly and lovable. All she wanted was to be pet. After eight days, the crusted skin on her head was finally going away, she could breathe a lot easier, and she gained weight. She went to stay with a foster while her health was improving. Now she is free of scabies and ready for her furever home!

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