Family Road Trips Are A Lot More Fun With This Odd Couple!

This is the time of year for road trips! As we pack up our gear to go see family and friends, we wouldn’t be complete without our fur kids. So, of course they have to come along! But how they behave in the car may make things a bit challenging.

Of course, for safety reasons, we suggest using proper kennels, travel booster seats (YES I HAVE ONE FOR MY FUR KIDS!) and seatbelt harnesses. But, like a lot of pets, these two insist on being center stage.

Watch what happens when a cat just wants to chill and enjoy the scenery. But his doggy sibling wants his spot and is not going to give up. Man! This feline can’t catch a break… BUT he doesn’t budge. He stakes his claim and you’ve gotta love him for “trying” to show the dog who’s boss. This duo has me in stitches!

Source: YouTube/The Dodo

Source: YouTube/The Dodo

What is it like to travel with your fur kids? Tell us all about it in the comment section below!

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