Golden Retriever Gives His Best Friend Piggyback Rides Wherever They Go

There is a famous saying, “fighting like cats and dogs.” This seems to have come from some misconception that cats and dogs are mortal enemies and cannot get along. But anyone who has ever had owned both animals at once knows that they can actually get along great.

Growing up, my dog and cats were the best of friends. And there is one adorable video from a woman in New York that shows just how well cats and dogs can get along with one another.

Lena Hendy shared a video that featured her 2-year-old golden retriever named Samson hanging out with a six-month-old Scottish Fold kitten named Cleo. The pair are apparently the best of friends and they spend all their time together.

Hendy loves to take videos of Samson hanging out with his buddy. The little kitten loves to take rides on his back. She even loves to cuddle up to the big dog and nap with him. According to DailyMail, Hendy has stated that Samson is a very caring pup, so it makes sense that he would take so well to a little kitten who wants love and attention.

She also shared that he seems to have an affinity for felines ever since he saw his very first cat in Paris. It apparently excited and intrigued the pup. And now that he’s got a feline friend of his own, he is clearly living his best life.

Hendy had referred to the duo’s bond as a very familiar one, with Samson assuming the role of Cleo’s dog dad. He, apparently, will even groom his little feline child, and the two of them are never without one another. They even go on hikes together, and when Cleo gets too tired, Samson will happily give her a piggyback ride until she feels like getting back to it again.

Hendy is always getting stopped by people who are amazed by how well the two get along. They will also often ask to take pictures of the duo, as they can’t believe what they’re seeing. But we think it’s just the cutest friendship possible. What do you think?

You can follow along their journey on their Instagram page.

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