Cat That Was Rescued From The California Wildfires Is Reunited With His Family

One very lucky little feline has survived one of his nine lives in the fires that are raging in California. The SPCA Monterey County shared on their Facebook post at the end of August that a rescue team had been sent on a welfare check in the evacuation area of the Carmel Fire.

During that trip, the team was intercepted by firefighters who were concerned about a couple of cats they’d seen in a burned-out van. When the rescue team approached, they found two cats, including Bubs.

Poor Bubs had suffered burns on all four paws. Despite his injuries, the rescue did note that he was a very sweet cat who was quite affectionate. He received lots of medical care, pain medication, and antibiotics for his injuries, as well as plenty of love.

Thankfully, the SPCA Monterey County were able to locate Bubs’ owners! They were so happy to know that Bubs had survived the devastating fire.

In a Facebook post, the SPCA Monterey County explained that the family had become separated from Bubs after the terrified feline ran off when they were trying to put him in the cat carrier. Unfortunately, the family had no choice but to flee the oncoming fire without their Bubs.

The post added, “Since Bubs needs constant care for his burns, we are fostering him for his family, who tragically lost their home.”

His owners are extremely grateful for the weeks of help and care that they’ve received from the shelter in caring for the cat. The shelter was more than happy to provide assistance and have written, “Our hearts are so happy — he is now healed, healthy, and back home with his loving family. We thank you so much for making happy moments like this possible. Your love saved Bubs and made his family whole.”

Thanks to a very generous outpouring of support from the public in the form of donations, the SPCA Monterey County has managed to cover Bubs’ medical expenses, as well as those of other wounded animals brought in by the ongoing fires.

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