Inspired Youth Writes 6-Page Report To Convince Her Parents They Need A Cat

There’s no end to the benefits of cat ownership; just ask 11-year-old Romesa.

The young girl from San Antonio, Texas, really wants a cat, but her parents are on the fence about a furry new family member. Not unprepared for their indecision, Romesa thoroughly researched the benefits of cat companionship, and in a 6-page synopsis, presented a compelling argument to her doting mother and father.

Pleased with her diligence, Romesa’s sister, Rimsha, shared pictures of the dissertation on Twitter, which were promptly spread across the internet by inspired cat lovers.

According to Buzzfeed, Romesa and Rimsha kept a cat named Pepper for a few months before it had to be given away, and they have wanted a new feline friend ever since.

“She had the same love for cats and she really wants to adopt one,” Rimsha said of her younger sister.

Eager for a chance to write, Romesa cranked out her report in an hour, relying on the internet for research.

“I thought I would write a report about a cat because that’s what I really want,” she told Buzzfeed.

Romesa laid out some very clear points for her parents to consider, not the least of which included pulling on heartstrings.

“Having a cat to play with will make me feel less lonely,” she wrote. “It will also help me to get off my electronics because I will have a cute friend to play with.”

Her heart is set on a “fluffy” Persian cat, but she admits she would ideally like to rescue one from a shelter, “so I could save a cat because that’s really important to me,” she said.

It seems like Romesa and Rimsha have a decent chance of winning the argument, at this point.

“I think chances are maybe 80 percent as of now,” Rimsha confirms.

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