Cat Pulls A Prank On Her Confused Dog Brother

Dogs and cats have a reputation for not getting along. Perhaps you have experienced that, at times, they do have a bit of a squabble, but if you have a dog and a cat in your home, you also realize they can be close friends. They may even put on a show that is worthy of a viral video.

As you watch this dog and cat playing together, you will probably wonder how they could possibly get along so well. Then again, it seems as if they are having a bit of a tussle, perhaps even displaying the fact that cats rule and dogs drool. I would have to say that the cat feels she has the upper hand.

The cat and dog are standing off with each other when the video begins, and when the cat goes into the tube, the dog starts pressing onto the end to get to him. The problem was, the dog didn’t notice that the cat took off running.

While the dog tries his best to get the cat from inside of the tube, River the cat just sits off to the side and waits until he is done with his futile attempts. Jesse, the dog, just couldn’t quite figure things out.

If you haven’t had a laugh in a while, then this video is going to give it to you in full measure. It’s like a disappearing cat trick, and it’s one that you can watch as many times as you like.

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