Bink, The Clingy Cat, Has The Cutest Nighttime Routine Involving His Mom’s Pillow

Pets have different ways of expressing love to their favorite humans. Some would happily welcome you upon returning home, while others would snuggle you when you’re sad. That’s why a house feels homier when pets are around — you receive extra love that is undoubtedly genuine and unconditional. They are excellent sources of happiness and a huge help whenever your days are clouded with anxiety. Dogs are well-known as the fur of sunshine for most families, but they are not the only animals who can do that. They aren’t the only ones who can show affection by being clingy. Although aloof at times, cats can be affectionate as well — like Bink, the delightful clingy feline.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

From day to night, Bink does not leave his human mom alone. His clinginess was even recorded while Judy was trying to get a good slumber. The feline would sneak to her bed and then plop on the pillow beside her. When you watch the video for the first time, it shows a cat with flashing eyes and a bad idea waiting to be executed. However, it was the opposite of how the camera made him look — Bink was actually ready to plop and cuddle with Judy. The bed seems extra cozy with a lovable feline who loves hugs and sleeping with a comfortable pillow. It became a part of his nighttime routine — scooch, plop, cuddle, then wake up with mom by his side.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“His clinginess seems to come out the most every time I have to leave. He’ll go to the door, and he plops his body up against the door. And as soon as I open the door, he will scurry his way between me and outside,” Judy shared. Bink would even chase her down the hallway like he was stopping her from leaving. You’d usually see a cat ignore their humans, but Bink surely is different. Although it’s a struggle to get past him whenever Judy tries to leave, it’s still endearing to witness his persistence to keep her at home. Instead of scolding Bink for such behavior, you’d just let it go, laugh at his weirdness, and enjoy the moment.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Just when you thought Bink would go on with his day, he would stay by the door and wait for Judy to return home. It was a lovely sight, and Judy is fortunate enough to be welcomed by someone she is grateful for after a stressful day. Bink is truly her baby, and he loves to be treated like one — a bundle of joy that deserves everything good in the world. “From the beginning, I knew he was different. He’s just the quirkiest cat. He will randomly plop on the floor. He’s almost like a scared goat. I love it. That’s just the way he is,” Judy lovingly said. Get to know more about the weirdly adorable feline by following him on Instagram and TikTok. Bink will certainly shower you with happiness and reasons to laugh whenever you watch his content.

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