How Do You Clean Cat Pee Off the Couch?

Cats are low-maintenance pets, but there are certain things that you still need to look out for. You have to keep in mind that your newly adopted cat might not yet be potty trained. Cats might pee anywhere, leaving stains and a strong foul odors. Also, if they urinate on fabric, the smell won’t be easily removed. Your furniture and soft furnishings are a target for potty — prepare to remedy the situation even before you adopt a cat.

Successfully potty training your cat does not happen overnight. Kittens usually learn fast, but it can take up to four weeks — with the assurance of consistency in their training. While your kitten is still grasping the ways of potty training, you have to expect urination, especially on your couch. Not being entirely potty trained is not the only reason cats pee on your couch — it might be because of litter issues, medical conditions, or marking territory. This will frustrate you, especially when it happens daily.

But don’t worry, there are practical solutions to clean cat urine odor and stains on your couch. Here are various methods to save your couch until your cat stops making it their litter box.

Remove Sofa Covers and Pillows

Quickly remove all the fabric on your sofa and throw them in the washing machine. It is best to immediately wash the odor and stain away so urine can still be easily removed. The longer the pee stains the couch, the longer it will stay on it.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar might have its own stench, but it consists of an acid that wipes out the alkaline salts that cause urine stains. Baking soda deodorizes cat urine odor with sodium bicarbonate, soaking up the smell and ultimately taking it away.

Enzymatic Cleaner

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners, as cat urine possesses ammonia, and this will only make your cat pee on the same spot — because the smell indicates their territory. The ASPCA recommends enzymatic cleaners instead. The substance in enzymatic cleaners breaks down ammonia, which helps remove foul odor. Use the enzymatic cleaner while following the instructions from the packaging and cleaning tips from the furniture store.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Removing urine with the help of oxidation can be attained with hydrogen peroxide. It breaks down the chemicals from the urine and removes the smell from the spot. You can use baking soda and dish detergent to make hydrogen peroxide even more effective.

Blot the Pee Away

Ensure that you don’t scrub your cat’s pee when applying cleaning solutions — it just worsens the situation. Rubbing or scrubbing will aggravate the smell and spread it on the couch. Blotting is the safest way to remove stains and odor. Gently blot the area and do not put heavy pressure while blotting the urine.

The cleaning solutions listed above are all tested and proven. You may also use a black light to detect pee stains — to check if your cat peed on your couch when you were out of sight. This will make cleaning faster and easier. Detecting all the pee stains in one go will save you time and cleaning materials.

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