Visit Oklahoma’s Museum of Osteology and Meet Their First Ever Cat Employee

Learning resources are now within reach with a simple click on your device. The internet can take you to an answer after using the right keywords. It’s astonishing how you can collect information in just a few seconds. Although immensely useful, you should still try to experience and see the things you find on the internet with your own eyes. It’s most especially recommended when you’re looking for historical resources, artifacts, artworks, or scientific discoveries. For this reason, people find time to visit museums whenever they can. Schools still include museums as an itinerary during educational trips. No matter how easy it is to find images and information on the internet, museums remain significant to those that seek knowledge outside their homes and schools.

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Every museum has its own features and focus, but the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma has a unique surprise for visitors. Aside from their informative display of bone structures and other skeletal elements, they have a cat employee. Indiana Bones is a black-haired cat adopted by the museum in 2019. The cat from Moore Animal Shelter is an important part of the establishment. It all started when the staff collectively decided to have a resident pet. Kitty Committee was launched, so they could convince the administration to approve their request. As they were searching for the perfect pet, they saw the black-furred feline trying to catch their attention.

“He would paw through the kennel, or, if he was out, he’d like slink in between you and another cat,” Brenna Glover said. “Indy just was like, ‘Hey, me, me, me, me.’ So it was just overwhelming, like, alright, well, this is the cat. He definitely wants to come home with us,” she added. Before he became the museum’s star, Indy was somewhat like a therapy cat for the employees. Whenever someone was having a rough day, the feline would approach that person and comfort them through snuggles. Moreover, Indiana Bones was called Employee of the Month after he caught his first mouse in the museum. He’s truly a hardworking employee — a cat determined to stay true to his job.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

The employees shared the video on Indy’s TikTok account, which made him gain over 70k followers. “He’s starting to realize that he’s a famous boy and that all he has to do is like a little twirl and then a flop, and people would just come and flock to him and pet him and take pictures, which he loves the attention,” Brenna shared. Due to Indiana’s popularity, the museum had more bookings and visitors. More people wanted to see their remarkable staff member, who they can also interact with at the gift shop. Indiana’s presence in the museum may have been planned, but the turn of events was quite surprising. Perhaps it was why he was persistent to get their attention while they were searching for a pet. He knew he was born for museum life.

Brenna also shared that Indy often sleeps in the museum overnight. Holidays are an exception, or whenever another employee wants to spend time with him. Indiana would usually hang at the museum building or the office. Although they allow visitors to pet him, the employees would remove Indy from the scene if it gets too crowded. The cat finds it overwhelming when swarmed with people. Everyone just gets excited with a museum feline that works well — catching mice and ensuring everyone is alright. If you’re in the area, you better visit Oklahoma’s Museum of Osteology. Spend some time learning more about the human body, specifically the skeletal system. Don’t forget to give love to their endearing employee, Indiana Bones.

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