Real Life “Puss In Boots” Uses His Adorable Looks To Beg For Treats

I’m a cat person and I’m proud to admit it. Cats are often misunderstood and as a result they end up getting a bad rap of being aloof or standoffish. But they’re actually quite cute.

However, they can also be a little manipulative when they want to be – mainly when it comes to getting food. Our cats are masters at pulling on our heartstrings so that we’ll open up the treat bag. Some might say that they surpass dogs and their famous puppy-dog eyes.

And one crafty feline has been captured pulling off the perfect “Puss in Boots” impression. Deborah De Asis, who lives in The Netherlands, introduced her adorable little kitty, Master Poe Poe, to the internet by showing off his fantastic skill.

He is able to perfectly mirror the image of Puss in Boots, which comes in handy since he has his owner wrapped around his little finger. The picture shows Master Poe Poe showing off his big sad eyes and little paws.

It is the level of preciousness that leaves little surprise as to the eight-month-old ginger cat being able to get whatever he wants from his owner. As De Asis shared with Bored Panda, she tries her best to resist him, yet every time she enters the kitchen, she is met with this look. And as she has joked, Master Poe Poe has been becoming quite the chonkster – so we can only guess that she’s not resisting his big sad eyes all that well. But who could blame her. Who could resist this sweet little feline’s face?

As De Asis has shared to the outlet, “We adopted him when he was 8 weeks old. He’s very playful, sweet, and clingy. He likes cuddles, he cries every morning until we wake up and give him attention. He likes to lay in his bowl. He is very expressive and has lots of facial expressions.”

It is this cuteness that has made Master Poe Poe quite the viral hit on TikTok. De Asis shared a video of his begging skills. This is when it got lots of attention and ended up attracting more than 146.9k views.


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There were also plenty more comments from people who just could not get over the little cat’s very wide-eyed and hopeful look as he begged De Asis for food. The attention from the masses has been quite a surprise to De Asis. She commented that she didn’t have a huge social media following so she never imagined that her post would erupt the way that it did. But given how adorable Master Poe Poe looks when he wants more food it is entirely understandable as to why so many people were enchanted by his antics.

He’s also quite the quirky little cat as well. Apparently, he doesn’t like the smell of human food – not even fish – and always makes a grossed-out face. De Asis has also shared that he’s prone to throwing little temper tantrums when he has to leave the bedroom and will also plan his own little sneak attacks on De Asis when he’s upset. Sounds absolutely adorable.

As Bored Panda reported, she has also added that Master Poe Poe has an obsession with De Asis’s boyfriend with the owner explaining, “He waits for him all day and cries happily when my bf opens the door. He cries every morning for his cuddles and he really wraps his paws around his neck to hug him tighter.”

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