A Cat Faultlessly Jumps on Its Human Mom For a Hug and Amazes the Internet

Felines are like the ninjas of the animal kingdom. They surely have impeccable jumping skills — leaping through obstacles without a single scratch. Cats are amazing at balancing themselves and landing on the right spot. It’s an incredible survival skill courtesy of the 500 muscles of their body. Their precise movements are assisted by stronger and longer hind legs. They also have what they call “fast twitch,” — the muscle fibers that guide movements. A cat’s paws also contain nerve receptors that identify the best spot to land on. Moreover, nerve receptors and their tails help them balance well. Their whiskers are also a lot of help, as felines utilize them to sense the appropriate position, location, and body orientation before landing on any surface.

Photo: Reddit/nikamats

You can witness their impressive jumping skills whenever you encounter a cat on the streets. And if you are a cat owner, you might have trouble with cats above cabinets due to their curiosity. When something strikes their interest, they’ll definitely use their jumping skills to gratify their curiosity. Sometimes their precision and balance can be utilized as an expression of love for their humans. A feline from Reddit showed outstanding jumping skills in a video from nikamats. It was a montage of a cat greeting its human mom by faultlessly jumping for a hug. The feline greatly calculated its movements because it landed on the same spot in every clip — on its mom’s chest with paws by her shoulders.

Photo: Reddit/nikamats

The jump-for-a-hug greeting seems to be part of their daily routine. Perhaps the cat was so used to it leading to a flawless land. OP earned a lot of engagements, which reached 26k upvotes and almost 300 comments. Netizens couldn’t stop praising the cat and its mom’s wardrobe. Other cat parents also shared similar experiences regarding their feline’s amazing skills. ChristmasElf67 commented, “My boy does this every once in a while; most times he’ll wait until we’ve locked eyes and I know what he’s about to do. Sometimes he’s just very impatient and insistent, and I’ll turn around and have a cat in my chin lol.” Based on their stories, cats may stare before jumping because they are planning a safe landing.

“That’s the most gentle of jumps. My cat would claw his way up like I was a scratching post,” woodlandtom wrote. Felines may have the same skill sets but truly differ in personalities. The cat jumps in the video are undeniably a form of a sweet and welcoming greeting for the woman. Their loving relationship is apparent — you’ll definitely smile while watching the clip. If you are a cat parent yourself, then you might want to jump into the comment section. Have a fun time discussing cat skills and habits with other fur moms and dads.

Cat jumps
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