Cat Refuses To Let His Owner Audition For An Acting Role

If you’re a cat owner, you are well aware of how aloof cats can be. Most non-cat people think that this stubborn and self-sufficient side to them is all there is. But at the same time, cats can also be quite needy and demanding of attention. They crave love and affection just as much as any other animal.

However, there is always a catch with cats. They seem to only want attention from their humans when we’re at our absolute busiest. Every cat owner is quite familiar with this particular series of events. It always plays out the same way: When we try to cuddle our cats on our terms, they will scratch and protest, but the second that they want to be loved, nothing stands in their way.

Now, we have TikTok videos that highlight the universal struggle of trying to get work done when your cat demands that you drop everything to worship them.

For those of us cat owners who have been working from home, we know just how real the struggle can be. To show us his own personal feline fiasco while filming an audition tape, is actor, Wesley Ryan. All his different outtakes that were interrupted by his Bengal cat, Odie, were shared with his TikTok.


Trying to self tape when you have a cat….#fyp #foryou #actor #selftape #cat #struggle #bengalcat #nailedit

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

After posting his first clip, he captioned it, “trying to self tape when you have a cat…” And it was certainly a feeling that everyone with a cat can relate to.

He followed up this TikTok clip with a second clip in which Wesley tried to reason with Odie, saying “Can you stop for just a second? Please?” We’ve all been there, Wesley.


Trying to self tape when you have a cat….part 2. #fyp #foryou #actor #selftape #struggle #cat #bengalcat #nailedit

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov

The videos are just too hilarious as they perfectly capture life with a cat. And Odie has his own social media account, which means you can follow him as he further pesters his owner.

What do you do when your cat tries to distract you? Let us know!

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