Mom Catches The Cats Sneaking Into Baby’s Crib In The Middle Of The Night

We know cats to be aloof animals who don’t seem to care about a lot of things. Of course, that’s just the portrayal that they want us to believe. For anyone that knows cats, you know that they have a silly side to them. Sometimes this silliness can get them into trouble.

When Emily May Casey was awakened one night, it was by the notification alerts on her phone. They were the motion detection alerts that she had connected to the baby monitor so she could watch her son, Atti, and keep an eye on him.

But that night, in particular, Atti was sleeping beside her in the bassinet in her room. Of course, she had a moment of hesitation knowing that something was making the motion detection go off – we’d probably be freaked out too!

She quickly discovered that she didn’t have anything to be worried about. It was just one of her cats being a silly little nugget who decided that the baby’s crib was going to be their new playtime spot. The crib cam ended up picking up this feline’s antics. He was having loads of fun doing his cat thing. He even ended up inviting one of the other cats in the home to join him.

Emily couldn’t help but laugh. “Seriously guys,” she said about their antics. But that’s just cats being cats. They always give us a reason to giggle.

Check out the footage below:

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