Owner Is Heartbroken After Reviewing Pet Cam Footage And Discovering What Her Cat Does All Day

We all think that of cats as fiercely independent animals who don’t need an owner – except for at mealtimes. But for those of us who have cats of our own, we know that cats can actually be quite affectionate animals. The only difference is that cats are more affectionate on their own terms. In other words, when it suits them. But when they show how much they care, it’s actually quite sweet to behold.

And for one cat owner, Alexa, she happened to discover by accident just how much cats really do care about us. The first time cat owner to a little feline named Glenn set up a camera in her home in order to keep an eye on him while she was away at work.

She figured that he was fine to stay on his own, seeing as cats are pretty independent. She then reviewed the footage and discovered that there was more to the feline than she initially thought. As it turned out, little Glenn was quite the affectionate feline.

As Alexa watched, she was surprised to see that Glenn spent most of his time waiting for her to return by sitting beside the window. When her car finally pulled up, the little cat rushed across the room to the door in order to be there to greet her.

As she shared with Bored Panda, this realization of an emotional kitty being on his own all day struck a chord with her. She is now looking to get Glenn a friend so that he can pass his days with some company.

Alexa shared the kitty cam footage to her social media platform, TikTok, and wrote in the caption that she had no idea that the camera was going to make her feel bad about leaving her cat at home. She even added a little crying face emoji at the end of her caption.

Immediately, other TikTok users jumped onto the conversation, agreeing with Alexa that she should add another feline friend to her household. Many of the comments pointed out that Glenn was a certified sweetheart and he definitely deserved a buddy to keep him company while at home.

As the Mirror reports, Alexa first acquired the sweet cat when he was a little stray kitten. Apparently, Glenn just wandered up to the office space where Alexa works as both a speech therapist and digital artist. It was love at first sight for the two of them, and after Alexa deduced that Glenn was completely on his own, she took him home. And that is where he’s been ever since!

Check out the video of Glenn’s greeting in the clip below:


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