Cat Has Mixed Feelings About Going To The Beach For The First Time

Proud cat mom Tia is known to regularly take her two felines, Pumpkin and Moustachio, on little family adventures, such as trips to their local beach.

While the cats actually do enjoy the sun and the surf, there is apparently one thing that one of the cats doesn’t enjoy: the wind.

We all know that the beach can sometimes get a little windy. But most of us don’t mind it as much. However, the wind proved to be such an inconvenience to Pumpkin, that he kicked up a fuss. And the results were hilarious.

A Tia explained to The Dodo, Pumpkin loves the beach, he’s just not a fan of wind. It was a discovery made during that particular trip to the beach and the entire family found it hilarious.

Given that they’d never seen the cat make such a face, they naturally had to take plenty of pictures, as well as some videos.

While the funny pictures might suggest that Pumpkin never wants to have anything to do with the beach ever again, the family has been back several times since. And luckily for little Pumpkin, there have been no more windy mishaps for him since.

Even so, it’s good to know that his reaction to a gusty day at the beach is so adorable.

You can keep up with Pumpkin on Instagram here.

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