Meet The Cat That is Allergic to Happiness and Children — But Who Loves Her Grandad

A widely known joke conveys cats as pets who don’t love their humans back. Cats rarely show affection to humans, and they have this strong need for personal space. Nanoos, however, is a different matter altogether. She is a very expressive cat, but not in a lovey-dovey way. The feline only expresses hate for those around her, especially for children.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

According to Reem, Nanoos’s owner, the cat literally hates everyone, including animals. Nanoos even hates her — she also gets scratches here and there when the cat decides to show her true colors. Nanoos tries to attack anyone around the area during their daily walks, and simple breathing even annoys the cat.

“She’s offended by all of our presence, so we walk on eggshells, especially me,” says Reem. “I can’t even be in the same room as her, breathe next to her, even look at her. I could be across the room, and then she’ll just come and attack me.”

Despite the bites and scratches Reem receives from Nanoos, she still gives the feline the best life and takes care of her unconditionally. Reem even made an Instagram and TikTok account for the grumpy cat. They have a unique bond, and you can see that through the content Reem uploads on social media. On TikTok, the cat account has already reached over 500,000 followers. As for Instagram, Nanoos has 17,000 followers.

The cat, who loves to hiss, is dearly loved by the family, and Reem has no intention of giving Nanoos away. She loves the cat even though it loves to kill any sign of fun and happiness around the house. But the cat has her favorite; she loves the company and hugs of Reem’s father. Nanoos doesn’t like to be touched or carried, but all the grumpiness goes away when it’s her grandad.

Photo: Youtube/TheDodo

“The one person that she loves would be my dad. I have no idea why but he just happens to be that one person.” Reem said. Her dad is the only person who doesn’t get the occasional scratches and daily dose of hiss. Nanoos suddenly turns into an adorable orange tabby whenever Reem’s dad is around.

Click the video below and watch the grumpy cat change behavior as soon as grandad scoops her up for a hug.

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