This Cat Strolled Into A Pet Store…What He Does When He Finds The Catnip? LOL

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “YOLO,” you only live once. Sometimes you just have to go out and do something crazy; live a little! Well, this cat knows a thing or two about doing spontaneous, crazy and adventurous things. One day, this cute little kitty strolled into a pet store and what he does next it too funny!

He heads straight for the catnip toys! He’s on the shelf and starts rolling around in them, just like cats normally do with catnip. Although it’s cute, he is making a mess! You can see all of the toys falling off the shelf and all over the floor. But he is in absolute kitty bliss! Although it’s unknown how he wound up there in the first place, it was noted that fortunately his owner did show up to get him back.

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