Cat Has Hilarious Reaction To Empty Food Bowl In Viral Video

Cats are clever, adorable, and sweet animals. But let’s be honest, they can also be quite dramatic when they want to be.

Our little feline animals seem to have a natural flair for the dramatic, whether it be randomly knocking items off tables, walking past us like we’re invisible just because we dared to go on vacation, or being indecisive about walking through a door.

However, nothing makes them embrace the drama quite like mealtime.


Cats and food are a more theatrical experience than a Broadway production. Every cat owner knows to some degree how mealtime can go.

If you don’t get your feline fed by a certain time, they will act like you’re purposefully starving them to death. They might even use this to guilt you into giving them extra rations throughout the day.

But no matter what theatrics your cat can display when they want food, we doubt they’re as extra as a cute little cat named Peach.

This little kitty has a Meryl Streep level of commitment to her feline acting skills. In a hilarious video, you can see the little cat that tends to block out the world in order to create a racket when she hasn’t been fed yet.

She continuously bangs her empty food dish on the ground until she gets what she wants – won’t acknowledge anyone until she gets her food. Now that is one dramatic cat!

People responded to the video, with one person writing, “Man that’s like my cat. If you’re 4 minutes late with her lunch she starts knocking down walls and lighting fires.”

Someone else added, “This cat is awesome and that look on his face shows he couldn’t care less about anything until his bowl is filled.”

Watch the TikTok video below:

@kotpersik27 Ты че обиделся?😂 #персик #котэперсик #котбайкот #котзабастовщик #смешныекотики #видеоприколы #питомец ♬ оригинальный звук – Тот самый, знаменитый кот

What do you think of Peach’s little food tantrum? Does your cat have any dramatic habits to get your attention? Let us know!

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