This Cat Tucks Her Head Into Her Body, Now Watch What She Does!

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I was never really good at gymnastics growing up, or anything that required good hand-eye coordination for that matter; but as a little kid, one of the first things I remember learning how to do are somersaults, or tumblesaults as I used to call them. Of course for us they are easy enough, but for animals I think it’s safe to say that they may be much more difficult.

Not for this kitty! This cat makes somersaults look easy. According to his owner, when this cat gets hyper, he does somersaults. Which I guess is often because this video captures countless somersaults and they get better and better each time! Whether it’s outside, inside, in the kitchen, in the living room, etc., this cute feline is always rolling around. It’s such a unique, yet adorable sight to see!

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