“Cat Daddies,” a Documentary That Breaks The Misconceptions About Men and Cats

Filmmaker Mye Hoang, an award-winning director and producer from Los Angeles, successfully made “Cat Daddies” one of her outstanding works. She and Producer David Boyle worked alongside each other and raised funds for The Little Lion Foundation. The purpose of the entire project was to support the foundation, promote cat adoption, and break male expectations. “Cat Daddies” was screened at Long Beach’s indie Art Theatre on Retro Row last April 16.

Photo: Youtube/Cat Daddies movie

“I think men have always been conditioned to love dogs over cats—this is further perpetuated by the images we see in movies and TV in the past and from jokes about the ‘crazy cat lady,’ which I hope is going out of fashion,” Hoang said. “We see that changing now with social media and the internet—everyone has a camera at home, and we can see more authentic footage of how cats behave.”

Loving the company of felines does not scratch a person’s masculinity, and the movie’s point is to make others realize that anyone can love cats. No matter your gender, age, work, or status in life, nothing should stop you from adopting one.

“The film may not convert everyone to love cats, but I hope seeing images of men caring for these little creatures wins over a few skeptics and becomes a catalyst for compassionate change,” Hoang said. Society should really stop hindering men in how they express their masculinity.

“Cat Daddies” is all about men in different stages of their lives and occupations. The documentary centers on the life of David Giovanni and his adorable brown tabby, Lucky. It was also very timely, as the documentary shares the relationship between cat and owner during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from David, other wonderful cat guardian men were featured in the documentary. You’ll certainly love the firefighter, an actor/social media influencer, stuntman, truck driver, Bay Area tech worker, and the teacher who has a cat/social media star.

The documentary also disclosed that David was a former construction manager and a homeless cancer fighter. He saw Lucky on the streets of New York, and the cat was injured at that time. Despite being homeless, he took care of Lucky and nursed the cat back to health. The story of David and Lucky was a tear-jerker, and Mye Hoang balanced the documentary by adding other stories, such as Nathan Kehn, a comedian actor famously known as Nathan the Cat Lady.

“I set out to make it extremely light and entertaining,” she says. The concept of the documentary has been planned since 2018. Social media posts of men with cats became viral one by one, and it was an unusual occurrence, making it a good idea to express creativity. An example of that is her husband, where she observed him turn into a cat dad himself. Significant messages were conveyed in the film, and if you are curious about the whole documentary, you can watch the trailer below.

If you got inspired by the movie, you may provide assistance or adopt cats from The Little Lion Foundation. Show your love for felines in any way you can — a kitten might be in need of a cat dad. More importantly, cats can brighten your life, and it will be one of your most cherished relationships.

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