Another Cat Showcases Liquid Transformation as It Effortlessly Enters a Container

Humans admire cats not only because of their endearing physical features but also due to their countless impressive traits. They can be sassy, intelligent, sweet, playful, mischievous, and a whole lot more. Felines may differ in personalities, but they all share physical skills that make them talented. Every single thing about them shouts cute, unique, and majestic. It’s entertaining to watch them flex those skills, and sometimes it can be terrifying. For instance, it’s kind of scary to see a cat jump from one high place to another. However, their bodies are certainly built for survival — their nine lives stay intact because every movement is outstandingly calculated.

Photo: Reddit/Donald_Tatya

Apart from that, they can turn their bodies into liquid-like forms. Felines can easily fit themselves in containers of various shapes and sizes. The skill results from having impeccable flexibility. According to research, their collar bones are without joints that connect to other bones. A cat’s shoulder is also affixed to muscle connections. Lastly, they have more bones in their spines, which plays a key role in elasticity. They really do have remarkable acrobatic talents. For this reason, the internet has a collection of cats transforming into their liquid form. It’s immensely interesting and satisfying to witness them easily mold themselves to the container’s shape. They can impressively make it look comfortable despite the narrow space.

Photo: Reddit/Donald_Tatya

From Facebook to Reddit, you’ll find a video of a feline taking the shapes of boxes, bowls, water glasses, wine glasses, vases, and more. In one Reddit post from Donald_Tatya, the white furry acrobat eased its way inside a fish bowl. It just lay there like the container was filled with milk. After a few seconds, the video showed other cats comfortably sleeping inside their individual containers. To make it more fascinating, they also had an easy time getting out of the bowl. The feline did not even stumble or have second thoughts about its next move. It was all a piece of cake!

OP’s post went viral — earning 32k upvotes and over 400 comments. The reactions made the video even more fun to watch due to the witty and hilarious comments from the Redditors. “Marie Kondo guide on how to store your cats,” erbr funnily wrote. To which Major_Mel replied, “This definitely sparks joy!” Some people also pointed out how the cats claimed the containers even though they knew it was used for something else. You’ll have a fun time reading the comment section after watching the short clip. And if you have thought of a funny joke, you might want to share it below OP’s post. Cats transforming into their liquid forms definitely has a separate fandom from other feline abilities.

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