Sometimes You Just Have To PAUSE And Enjoy The Little Things In Life… Take This Cat For Example

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Another rough day out in the asphalt jungle.  So tough, in fact, that even this cat has decided he needs to just take it easy.  From his expression, you can tell that being the number one mouser at work takes its toll.  First, there’s dealing with checking out all the cubicles.  Next comes the conference room.  Finally, it’s time to sweep out the kitchen.  Some days simply seem endless.

But there’s nothing like a little time to yourself and a good cup of coffee that won’t solve even the most serious of doldrums for a cat.  Sit and watch the world go by, blissfully know that, for the moment, anyway, you are off the clock and free to think your own thoughts while lapping up a soothing iced-sugar free-soy milk only-please-as-I-am-lactate intolerant-extra large-vanilla latte that just seems to make everything right.

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