A Couple Rescued This Cat. Four Years Later, The Cat Rescued Them From THIS.

Bob, a seven-year-old cat, that this couple rescued four years ago, has now rescued them. He is very spoiled and they give him so much love. He sleeps with them in the bed at night and acts as their alarm clock. They don’t even need to set one because Bob wakes them up with a little lick or tap on the face.

On one Saturday night, Bob would not relax or stay still. He kept meowing and trying to wake them up. He smacked his human in the face and bit him. His human got up and followed Bob who led him to the garage door. It was not until this moment that they discovered their car was running. They had just installed a remote starter earlier in the day which malfunctioned. Bob warned them about the car which saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning!

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