Japanese ‘Cat Burglars’ Try To Sneak Into Museum Every Day

Ken Chan and Gosaku (aka Go-Chan) think they’re pretty sneaky. The only problem is, they always get caught.

The cats have made countless attempts at getting into their local museum, perhaps just to check out some of the art work. But, they’ve never made it past the front door.

The guard at the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art has caught Ken Chan and Go-Chan a number of times.

Source: Twitter/bijutsu1
Ken Chan and Gosaku (aka Go-Chan).

But that doesn’t mean they feel like giving up.

Source: Twitter/bijutsu1
A security guard at the museum keeps the cats outdoors.

See how Ken Chan and Go-Chan try again and again to sneak into the museum in these hilarious pictures.

Sourec: Twitter/bijutsu1
Not so fast Go-Chan.

Source: Twitter/mukusuke
Ken Chan arrives for his daily stand off with the security guard.

As the Dodo reports, Ken Chan and Go-Chan showed up shortly after the museum held an exhibit titled “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.” That was two years ago, but they’ve tried to make there way into the museum nearly every day since.

Source: Twitter/mukusuke
Better luck next time, Ken Chan.

These would-be cat burglars have never successfully snuck into the museum, but Ken Chan may be due some royalties ever since the gift shop started selling tote bags with his likeness.

These cats don’t know when to give up. Let’s hope they never do!

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