Here’s What’s Going to Happen to Your Cat When It Grows Up with a Bunny Sibling

A cat and rabbit may not look like a perfect match, but both animals have similar traits. This may bring difficulties in making them friends, especially if they like their personal space or if the cat sees the bunny as prey. But they can also be good friends.

Once one of them triggers the other’s curiosity, they’ll definitely find a way to interact and get close to each other. Seeing a bunny and cat turn from housemates to pet siblings is interesting. They’ll be the cutest duo ever, and playtime with them will be the highlight of your day. Witnessing their friendship can also answer a lot of questions. Kittens and bunnies are rarely seen together, which makes them an intriguing combination.

Photo: Reddit/fyflate89

Moreover, they have fewer interactions because cats prey on rabbits. This information might have built the idea that the two creatures won’t get along. But they do, and you can find evidence online — Reddit has one, and it was uploaded by fyflate89. The 5-second clip was totally hilarious and endearing at the same time. It showed a cat hopping, almost similar to how bunnies do it. They must have been living together for a long time, as it looks like a result of keen observation. It’s one of the possible scenarios that might happen if a cat and rabbit become pet siblings.

The Reddit post has already gained over 2k comments and continues to amuse the internet. Heathenson1970 commented, “Identity crisis in the cutest way possible!” The kitten might have been confused for a moment, or it could also be because hopping looked interesting in its eyes. “All I see is two bunnies,” _gay_gremlin_ wrote. Their bond must have been so tight that the cat forgot he was a different animal. Also, it looked like it wanted to show the bunny that he could hop but couldn’t get its attention.

Photo: Reddit/fyflate89

The scenario surely gives off happy vibes, making you want to watch it repeatedly. A lot of people have expressed how such a short clip completed their day and made them smile. It’ll make you want to have a cat and rabbit at home to get that dose of serotonin every day. Share the Reddit post with your loved ones as well, and let them have a glimpse of a cat hopping its way into their hearts.

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