See Cat And Baby Buck Caught In Adorable Canoodle

Who doesn’t love cats?

We’ve all seen how dogs can be convinced they love their feline friends, and in some cases, they truly do. On a quiet family farm in Washington, it seems there are other species who are just as cat crazy.

Heather Raskell and her family had joined together at her aunt and uncle’s home in Medical Lake for Thanksgiving dinner when they noticed something unusual outside. A young buck had just met a curious domestic cat, and was grooming him with his tongue.

Source: Facebook/May Lim
The young buck was very interested in this domestic cat.

“We looked out their back door, and this little baby buck was having a field day with this cat,” Raskell told The Dodo.

There were no complaints from the cat, either.

“He was turning around like, ‘Here, get this spot, and make sure you get this spot,’” Raskell said.

The cat was so comfortable with her new friend, he even rolled over to give the buck a chance to lick his belly.

“Every time the cat tried to walk away, the buck would be like, ‘Oh no. Come here. Come closer,'” Raskell said. “And he kind of took his little hoof and scooted him over to him. But he was very gentle. He wasn’t aggressive or mean to the cat at all.”

Not one to let such a heartwarming holiday memory slip away, Raskell captured a few pictures of the canoodling couple on her phone.

A few minutes later, both animals went their separate ways.

Source: Facebook/May Lim
The cat tries walking away, and the buck follows her closely.

“It was the most bizarre thing,” Raskell said. “He just licked that little guy forever. And the cat seemed to be like, ‘This is great.'”

The cat was left happy, though in need of a quick toweling off.

“The deer was drooling all over him,” Raskell said.

Source: Facebook/May Lim
This is quite the friendship!

The Raskell family has a lot to be thankful for this year. And, there’s no doubt they’ll remember that for many years to come.

“It was just an awesome opportunity to catch it,” Raskell said. “It was super sweet and super cute.”

Watch this adorable wildlife meetup in the video below!

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