Rescued Cat Determined To ‘Grandparent’ Sick Tripod Kitten

Life wasn’t kind to Runt, an aging tabby who wound up at Lake County Animal Shelter in Tavares, Florida, in really rough shape. But despite his difficult past, the rescued cat would go on to blossom in foster care, transforming from a lonely shelter pet into a loving, laidback companion animal.

“He is the most easy-going cat,” Runt’s owner, Emily Blyth (who also works at the shelter) told Love Meow.

Grandpa Runt and former foster kitten Dolly. Photo: Instagram/ gingeralfalfa

Not only is Runt an ideal household companion, he enjoys playing grandpa to Emily’s incoming tide of foster kittens, hence his nickname, Grandpa Runt.

The 14-year-old feline is particularly focused on nurturing and grooming, both things needy kittens don’t really learn about on the streets. Oftentimes, the senior cat simply approaches new arrivals and proceeds to lick them clean.

But while Grandpa Runt bonds with every kitten he meets, he paid special attention to Morgan, rightly suspecting the three-legged kitten needed some extra love. “The vet decided it was in the best interest of the kitten that the leg be amputated,” Emily told Love Meow.

She volunteered to bring the little tuxedo back to her house after the surgery, so the kitten could more comfortably recover in a loving home — and grow up with Grandpa Runt’s loving care.

“After her surgery, she came to live with me. Her wounds were cleaned daily, and she was slowly introduced to Runt,” Emily said. Before long, the little kitten – named Morgan — had fully recovered and learned walk on three legs.

Now that she’s feeling better, Morgan — being a kitten — just wants to play, and there’s nobody she’d rather play with than her Grandpa Runt, especially after he helped nurse her back to health!

The older cat is equally endeared by his adorable granddaughter, even though — like any good grandparent — he remains slightly obsessed about bath time. Check out their adorable antics in the video below!

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