They Rescued An Abandoned Baby Bunny. When She Meets The Family Cat, Cuteness Ensues!

A family came across an abandoned two-week-old bunny and knew they had to do something to help her. They took the bunny in and gave her round-the-clock care, hand-feeding her milk and keeping their eye on her every second.

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Each of the family members did their part in helping out this baby bunny. But humans weren’t the only ones who helped. They introduced the family cat to the bunny, and it was BFFs at first sight!

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The cat absolutely loved the bunny and always wanted to be near her. Whether she was sleeping, being fed, or playing, the cat was always watching. After the two warmed up, the cat became very cuddly with the bunny and nuzzled his face on her; the bunny did it right back!

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The bunny even naps next to the cat. The cat does a great job in making sure the bunny feels safe and warm! Watch their adorable friendship in the video below:

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